This report outlines my digital product of the ebook to make a story about Andrew Carnegie and George Lauder, I change the story about the battle of Waterloo based in Napoleonic Wars at 1803 – 1815.


I good at with history of war, I had learn about the plans, tactic, deploying the soldiers, who’s the commanders and leaders of the army, why they started the war, what’s the name of battle, location of battle, timeline, causalities and everything of their path. It is my interest to learn what they planning to do to declare war against their enemies. I able to do some research to find information and images of painting of the Battle of Waterloo.


I had a quite bit difficult to find a make a theme about Andrew Carnegie and George Lauder, but it didn’t work out and I won’t able to do it, so I change the story something else.


I felt that doing alright on that project, I were carry out the idea the Battle of Waterloo. I felt that to make sure to make a story the history of battlefield, so therefore I was glad to make that story finished.

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